One of the most important tasks of your website is to make sure that the visitor is going to have a pleasant experience when visiting it. There are some things that you can do ensure this.

Load Speed

Nothing is more frustrating for a visitor to go to a site and have to sit there and wait until the site fully loads. You want to make sure there is nothing in the configuration of your site that is slowing it down, or that there is not a problem with you hosting company.

Complex Navigation

When a visitor is looking over your home page they may find that there are other things on your site that they can go to that interests them. It is important that they can get to every bit of your content as quickly and easily as possible.

Correct Your Broken Links

One of the things that can harm your site in regards to an excellent user experience is having broken links, or inaccurate links. When a visitor clicks on a link they expect to be taken to a page that is pertinent to what the link indicated. If it doesn’t then the visitor feels cheated. By making sure that all your links are working and that they are pertinent then you are creating a good customer service.

Accurate Content

Make sure that all of the content on your site is easy to read, informative and applicable to what your site is about. Try to write in good English with no errors. Visitors get really frustrated when they are directed to content that is not what they expected, or if it is full of errors.

Watch Your Pop Ups

Many sites now use pop up advertising. When used properly it can create a good user experience, but many times it gets over used. Keep yours to a minimum.