As a website owner you have a valuable resource but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. You not only have to build it, but you have to maintain it. Both of these require that you keep your site looking neat at all times. The ultimate goal of any website is to create an excellent user experience.

Neatness When Building Your Site

It is easy to get carried away when building your site. You probably have a lot of information that you want to get on it. You can still accomplish this but at the same time keeping it neat by keeping it organized.

Make sure that your home page is not cluttered with too much content not being laid out properly or too many ads. Watch your mix of colours as this can soon create a bad looking website.

Use Your navigation bar to your best advantage. Use drop down menus for this area to help keep the appearance of the navigation section neat and tidy looking.

Neatness When Maintaining Your Site

If you have some old content rather than let it clutter your site do some re-directs to more current or favoured pages or content.

Be careful with your advertising that it is not overpowering your site. There are different forms of ad content that you can use. Make sure that it is not glaring and you aren’t using too many banner adds. Also be careful with flashing content and pop ups. These can soon take control of your site where they become overwhelming to your visitors.

The best way to know whether you site is neat or not is to visit some of your competitors and pay attention to this. Does their site seem to be poorly laid out or doesn’t have a good layout? You will soon be able to judge by your experiences on these site whether they are neat or not.