When you first start out building a website most likely you have done some research as to how to build it. You may have checked out those who are experts in the field and maybe checked out websites in the same niche as you. Still, you need to make your website unique. This means being very careful that you don’t get carried away with it or make it too complex.

What Do You Want Your Website to Do?

You need to know what the goals are that you should set for your website. Do you want it to sell a product or service? Or, do you want it to be a information site. This is important especially if you are going to go with a template to build your website. These templates are often categorized as to what they are best suited for. For example, if you are going to develop a news type website then you may want a magazine styled them. Or if you are going to share a lot of videos, then you want a template that will allow for a good layout for this.

Know Your Content

Have a good understanding as to what content is optional and what content would be considered mandatory by the search engines. You will want a home page, which is the main page that the visitors will land on when they come to your site. The major search engines also like you to have a about us and a contact page. There may be other mandatory content that you need to have depending on your site. For example, if you are doing affiliate selling on your site, then you will be expected to disclose this.

Make it Easy for your Visitors

As your website grows there will be more places for your visitors to go to. Make sure the navigation around your site is easy.