One of the exciting aspects about starting a website is the different components that go with it. While all of them are important the web design has to go to the near top of the list. When you are doing this yourself there are some things that you must do and there are also some things that you should avoid.

You will have some choices for building your website. You can choose to go with a template which means the design is basically built for you. You will still be able to customize it to make it look unique. Or you can start from scratch where you will have to actually build the framework for your website. Going with the template if you are a beginner and don’t have a great deal of tech knowledge is the better choice.


You need a plan and in this will be what you want to put on your website and how you want to lay it out.

Think Like Your Visitors

It is easy to get carried away when designing a website. What you may like may not be to the liking of your visitors. You have to view your site from their perspective.

Consider the Search Engines

The major search engines like Google have their own ideas of what they expect from your website design. One of the most important factors is that it must be user friendly. This means that visitors should be able to navigate your site as easily as possible to find what they are looking for.

Be Mobile Friendly

With so many people using mobile devices today, it is important that your website shows well on these. This means making sure that your web design is mobile friendly. If you are using a template for your website most now have structured their templates so they appear well in the mobile devices.