As a blogger or even for business websites one of the most powerful resources that you can use is videos. You can either produce your own or use those that are free to use on the web. Of course, one of the most well known resources for videos is YouTube. If you see one here of interest then you can click on the share link and get the embed code so you can add it to your site.

Site Enhancement

One of the great benefits of using video on your site is that it adds interest. It breaks the monotony of text and many visitors prefer watching a video then reading.

Increase Knowledge

A video is a great way of getting your point across or supporting your content or theory. It is another way to educate your visitors in a different format.

Videos can Increase Your Traffic

Once you learn to master video search engine optimization then you can capitalize on this to bring in more traffic to your website. This is not hard to do as you can use the proper keywords for your video titles and tags. Create some back links to some popular video sites targeting specific videos that pertain to your topic.

Create Your Own Videos

Creating your own videos is not all that difficult. In fact, you could begin by taking a power point presentation and converting it to a video. There is a lot of video producing software that is great for beginners and not expensive to buy. By creating your own, you are keeping them unique and you can have them cover the exact content that you want.

Set Up Your Videos Properly

If you are using other people’s videos make sure there is no copyright infringements.Then make sure that they are properly displayed and allow for full access to them when on your site.